pre-flight Checklist


  • All fonts (printer and screen) are collected in a folder marked “FONTS.”
  • Fonts in any linked/placed artwork have been converted to outlines.
  • For Illustrator and InDesign files, provide 2 versions of your file: an unoutlined version and a second version with fonts converted to outlines.


  • CMYK (full color projects): All spot colors have been converted to 4-color process; no spot or RGB colors should appear in your color palette if this has been done properly; All photos/images have been converted to CMYK.
  • 2 color jobs: Only the two spot colors used in the project show up in the color palette.
  • 1 color jobs: Only one spot color appears in the color palette.
    • For ALL jobs, regardless of color:

      • Any unused colors have been deleted from your color palette.
      • All colors used in linked/placed files follow the same color naming as those in your layout.

Artboard, Etc:

  • All unwanted items deleted from the artboard/ outside the margins.
  • If your project bleeds off the page, your file should be set up to allow for at least an 1/8th of an inch (.125″) bleed on all sides.

Support or Linked Files:

  • The most current version of all placed files are included.
  • Keep File Names Short!! Under 10 characters.
  • Update any modified links
  • Resolution of images should be at least 200 dpi at 100% of final size; 300 dpi is preferred.
  • All sizing, cropping, rotating, color conversion done in the original art program. (Illustrator or Photoshop).
  • NO RGB IMAGES ARE USED for print material.
  • Link or place support files in the document; do not embed them.
  • Any linked files are placed in a folder marked “LINKS” or “PICTURES”

File Collection:

  • Quark or InDesign: Files are COLLECTED or PACKAGED (as opposed to just being dragged & dropped to a folder.)
  • Include a low-resolution pdf of the file for proofing purposes.

If Sending Only PDF Files:

  • All fonts are embedded
  • All images are high resolution CMYK or greyscale, and the pdf file itself is HIGH RESOLUTION.
  • Crop Marks and bleeds are included on all PDF’s.
  • Provide a PDF in CMYK colorspace for 4-color jobs; For 2 or 3-color jobs, a composite AND a color separated pdf should be provided.

Acrobat Icon  Download a .pdf of our Preflight Checklist

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