Typography & Calligraphy

Typography & Calligraphy

“Calligraphy is Art, Typography is Design” This is what I think about the difference in the concept between typography and calligraphy. If we can differentiate between Art and Design, we can know the fundamental points of difference between Typography & Calligraphy Art is talent, design is skill. Art often sends a different message to people, Everyone understands that according to his personal vision based on previous experiences, but design must send the same message to all the people. So good art is devolves but good design is understood.  Art looking –first  to achieve aesthetics, but Design looking to achieve functional.

Certainly there are overlapping points between art and design, for example, we find in many of the artistic paintings take into account many of the design rules, and many of the designs may be built on some concepts of art.

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AbdelkebirKhatibi and Mohammed Sijelmassiin their book “The Splendor Of Islamic Calligraphy”(p14)defines Calligraphy: an art which is conscious, founded upon a code of geometric and decorative rules; an art which, in the patterns which it creates, implies a theory of language and of writing. This art starts off as part of the linguistic structure and institutes an alternative set of rules, derived from language but dramatizing and duplicating it by transposing it into visual terms.

Rob Carter, Ben Day and Philip Meggs describe Typography in their book “Typographic Design Form and Communication” :Typographyis an intensely visual form of communication. Because this visible language communicates thoughts and information through human sigh.

Through color, size, direction, and font visual structure typography is used to communicate tone of voice, personality, age, gender and mood, and it can be easily manipulated.

When we talking about the difference in letterform design, I think the calligraphic letterform depends on two basic things, first the form and direction of tool’s tip, whether pencil or brush or even a piece of wood. The second thing the structural rules that thesenior calligrapher setfollowed in so many calligraphers, such the rules established by Ibn Muqla.

Butin typographywe find that every designer is developing private rules to make his typeface have a unique structural identity different from the rest typefaces.

Finally typography in general use digital font as one of design elements like color, space, photography and illustrations, .. etc. for example when we reduce the space between the text lines in a paragraph – this space called leading- This make the block of text (paragraph) seems to be dark, and when we increase this leading we will make the block of text have alight tone The concept of words “typography” is not limited for using text or words Separately, but typographers should take into consideration the relation between text and the other elements of design to get a strong and effective communications.

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