Codly mobile app

Codly mobile app  Saves you Time, Money and Lots of arguments

Codly aims to save more than 40% of app development time by providing the tools that automate some of the mobile app development steps done by both designers and developers and minimize the communication between them. The platform uses a lot of new technologies that helps the designer create a full functioning prototype directly from the well known designing app, Photoshop.
The platform consists of 3 parts;
– The Photoshop extension, which extract the images from the design and understand the design structure.
-The Codly mobile app, which enables the designer to see their work as native working mobile app on unlimited number of mobile devices.
– The Server side, which generates the UI code for the design that the developer will use to add the app logic. The server also enables the designer to share the application with others to view it on their own phones.

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