outdoor printing resolution

 Resolution & Scale Charts for Large Format Prints

The chart below is broken down by various common sizes, and recommended scales and their resolutions. The numbers throughout these guidelines are not required, but simply meant to serve as a helping hand for when you are setting up various sized artwork in relation to the size you will be printing. If your size falls in between any of the sizes listed, please use the specs for the smaller of the two sizes.

Resolution For Outdoor Banners

PRINT SIZE Scale Size of Scale Resolution File size
12″ x 12″ inches – 1′ x 1′ foot 1/1 12″ x 12″ 300 dpi 49.4 mb
18″ x 12″ inches – 1.5′ x 1′ foot 1/1 18″ x 12″ 300 dpi 74.2 mb
24″ x 12″ inches – 2′ x 1′ foot 1/1 24″ x 12″ 300 dpi 98.2 mb
24″ x 18″ inches – 2′ x 1.5′ foot 1/1 24″ x 18″ 300 dpi 148.3 mb
36″ x 24″ inches – 3′ x 2′ foot 1/1 36″ x 24″ 300 dpi 296.6 mb
48″ x 24″ inches – 4′ x 2′ foot 1/1 48′ x 24′ 300 dpi 395.5 mb
48″ x 36″ inches – 4′ x 3′ foot 1/1 48′ x 36′ 276 dpi 502.1 mb
96″ x 48″ inches – 8′ x 4′ foot 1/1 96″ x 48″ 169 dpi 502 mb
120″ x 60″ inches – 10′ x 5′ foot 1/1 120″ x 60″ 135 dpi 500.6 mb
192″ x 96″ inches – 16′ x 8′ foot 1/1 192″ x 96″ 85 dpi 508 mb
240″ x 60″ inches – 20′ x 5′ foot 1/2 120″ x 30″ 192 dpi 506.3 mb
240″ x 120″ inches – 20′ x 10′ foot 1/2 120′ x 60′ 136 dpi 508 mb
288″ x 96″ inches – 24′ x 8′ foot 1/2 144″ x 48″ 138 dpi 502.1 mb
360″ x 120″ inches – 30′ x 10′ foot 1/2 180″ x 60″ 112 dpi 516.8 mb
600″ x 120″ inches – 50′ x 10′ foot 1/4 150″ x 30″ 172 dpi 507.8 mb
1200″ x 192″ inches – 100′ x 16′ foot 1/4 150″ x 24″ 192 dpi 506.3 mb

Need an affordable way to encourage more walk-in visitors to your store? Or perhaps you’re looking to enhance the visuals on your storefront or retail business? From trade shows and outdoor festivals, to grand openings and speaking engagements, printing vinyl banners online is a smart and economical way to give your business a powerful boost of visibility. At 4over4.com, we print indoor and outdoor vinyl banners as small as 1′ x 1′, or as lar[the_ad id=”2038″]ge as 16′ x 150′ in your choice of 13 oz vinyl or 15 oz blackout vinyl. Upload your own design or use one of our professionally-designed templates.

Outdoor Banners
Few other print marketing tools have the versatility, strength and effectiveness as the outdoor banner. They continue to be an advertising staple among businesses and professional organizations of every genre, based on a wide ranging list of immediate and long-term benefits. Aside from their ability to captivate the eyes of large groups, they’re affordable, long-lasting and among the few marketing tools which can be utilized indoors and outdoors over extended periods of time. With regard to size possibilities, you can now print Outdoor Banners in dimensions once considered impossible.

When the time comes to design and print vinyl banners for your company or group, you really need to think in terms of extended use. How will your logo look a few years from now? Will you be attending larger or more populated events? Can it be seen from significant distances? So many factors to consider; here are a few more things to keep in mind when ordering banners.

  • Will you be using your banner exclusively indoors, outdoors or both?
  • Do you need a banner that is capable of withstanding wind and rain?
  • Will your banner be displayed on a stand, with poles or attached to a surface?
  • Does your designer understand the size-specific file requirements for your project?
  • Will you be needing just one banner, or multiple units for simultaneous events?
  • At what distance will spectators realistically be able to read your message?

Outdoor Festivals
Anyone who has ever attended a street fest, parade or food tasting will be the first to admit that there are no shortage of advertising banners. And you might guess, there is a reason for this. The most successful banner designs incorporate color and powerful graphics, to attract the attention of as many people as possible. Printing online Outdoor Banners is a fast and affordable way to promote your business at street fests, protests or anywhere the masses are gathering.

4over4.com has become the go-to online banner printer for many of today’s most successful businesses, by offering highly durableOutdoor Banners in sizes ranging from modest to massive. They’re available in both 13 oz and 15 oz styles, and can be printed with optional pole pockets.

Storefront Advertising
Storefront banners just might be the perfect marketing tool for those who run a retail business. For starters, they serve as an excellent way to add color and target branding to your building’s exterior. Outdoor Banners also afford you the opportunity to promote sales, in-store events and specific promotional offers. Additionally, blackout banners can be helpful in lowering cooling bills when displayed in storefront windows, by blocking excess sun rays while increasing visibility from the outside.

When it comes to printing professional vinyl banners online, 4over4.com is a company you can have confidence in. You can upload your own unique design, or select from dozens of stunning predesigned templates. Our Premium UV-resistant vinyl banners come in sizes ranging from 2′ x 4′ all the way up to a larger-than-life 16′ x 150′ size.

Parties and Corporate Events
Whether it’s a corporate holiday party, a business Open House, or a summer celebration among co-workers, the right banner can add style and atmosphere to any function or party. Use them to congratulate a colleague on a recently-achieved milestone, or to showcase your corporate mission statement when hosting tour groups or important visitors. Outdoor Banners are easy to clean and can be stored until needed for your next event, or displayed indoors for added ROI.



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